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Welcome to Riversedge Doxies 
Riversedge is a very small kennel, all of my AKC purebred dachshunds live inside and are treated like members the family.  They have a fenced in yard and a doxie door with access to the yard and all the dachies get the love they need on a daily basis.  Puppies are available now about once or twice a year, so there will be a limited amount for adoption.  My puppies will be adopted by pet homes only.  We have PLACED doxies in SC, NC, VA, WV, AR, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas, New York & New Jersey.  We are located in South Carolina.

My interest is breeding for temperament and conformation. I have chosen each one of my dachshunds very carefully, each coming from a different part of the US, from some very reputable doxie breeders who have entrusted me with their miniature doxies.  Color should come last in a choice for a pet,  I want to be sure that each pup that leaves here has the very best disposition, will adapt to their new home very easily and become a respectable member of that family.  The parents will be health tested and certified. 

When I think of a dachshund some of these words come to mind: loyal, inquisitive, snuggle, loving, independent, intelligent, thief, clown, stubborn, funny, adorable, beautiful.  Those are the things that make them an exceptional pet and companion.  They love/live to please.

Please come in and look around.  If you have any questions or would like more information please call or email riversedgedoxies@gmail.com.  Your questions or concerns will be answered.
                                                            Thanks for your interest
                                                        Ree Reid-Riversedge Doxies

Thanks to all the puppy families for adopting a wonderful companion.  Most of the miniature doxies pictured above were born right here and are well loved. 
Can you say spoiled!!!

This page was last updated: November 1, 2018
A dachshund believes that sleeping under the bedcovers is in the Dachshund Bill of Rights

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