This page was last updated: April 20, 2013
                MALE VS FEMALE
There is a preconceived notion that females are better pets and easier to house train than males.  Although many people like the little females simply because that is all they have ever owned, males most often make better family pets.  A male has a tendency to be less moody than a female and is just as sweet. It is a good idea to get them neutered at an early age.  We recommend before 5 months of age. If a male is neutered early, they don’t have the tendency to mark their territory as so many people are afraid of them doing in their homes.  We have many happy owners of male puppies that have never had any problems with them in any way.  They make wonderful family pets and companions.  Neutering your puppy will protect his health, help him to live longer and be a better pet, along with improving his house manners. Many people believe that females do not display alpha behaviors like “marking” and/or “humping,” that they are more docile and attentive than the males, and that females do not participate in fighting over dominance.  This is so UNTRUE! Our males are very calm and love attention just like our females.  They, just like females, will make every step you make and at the end of the day will snuggle up beside you and watch TV and never move a muscle.  They make wonderful pets. Please keep an open mind when deciding on a puppy that is right for you.  Make your decision based on size, health, and most importantly temperament; not just the sex of the puppy. And mostly on the one that grabs your heart!!!                    

A $200.00 non-refundable deposit will hold the puppy of your choice.  Please click on the email icon to get more information about these pups.
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This page was last updated: April 20, 2013
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