This page was last updated: August 3, 2018
​                           My Doxies
Little's Just In the Nick of Time ML
Grendox Hershey Kisses for Nick MLD
Chocolate & Cream Male
Chocolate&Cream Dapple Female
Adorabelle's  Dancing Like Tigger MLD

Black and Cream Dapple Female
Bright Star Cameo of Morgan ML
Cream Female
Riversedge Hope for the Future at Live2Luv's MLD

Black and Cream Dapple Female
Hope is staying here at Riversedge Doxies to have a litter with Nick compliments of Jennifer
Maynor of Live2Luv Dachshunds in North Carolina.  After she has a litter here she will retire as a spoiled pet with Tommy Nations.   Hope was born here, a Sassy and Sky pup.  I am grateful to Jennifer for letting her come and stay with me for awhile.  She is an awesome girl, very spunky and sweet like her Grandma. I am sure her pups will be the same.

Standard Size - 18 lbs.-Gorgeous Girl