I just thought I would send some pictures of my sweet little dog. We named him Rusty. He has been doing wonderful with his house breaking he has not messed up his kennel yet. Everybody loves him even my mom who didn't want a dog in the house! The only thing is he doesn't like the cat outside he growls at her and she is bigger than he is! Other than that he has done great with everything.

Hey Ree & Mike, What a wonderful experience & friendship this beautiful puppy has brought to me!! Thank you Ree for your love of Dachshunds! My new little boy is on his way home from the airport right now !! Can't wait to see & squeeze this little guy that we have named..."Dusty!" Thank you again Ree,.. Lisa.... 

Hey Ree and Mike, this website looks great! We are having the best time with our Dapper Dan. We are still thinking about adding a girl to the family. Send you more pictures soon. 
Mike, Kristie, and Dapper   
Jonesville, SC 

My Daddy loves me... He took me on a vacation to New Jersey... I loved riding in the truck... But... New Jersey didn't have any tall grass I could PEE in... I enjoyed sleeping on a big boat with my Uncle Mike... However, I gained weight, I'm up to 4 1/2 lbs... But I think my Daddy had more fun than me... Every time we went for a walk all the girls in bikinis came over to say HELLO to us... I guess my Dad is a real popular guy...
Love, Tootsie

He is an absolute Joy! We love him so much. He has only had two little accidents all weekend.  He has bonded to me so quickly; he won’t even let me out of his sight. He is doing great with my daughter, and she adores him as well. Thank you so much for blessing our lives with this little angel!
I took some pictures yesterday, and once I get them uploaded I will send you one!                 Amanda

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Hey Ree, 
Great Website! Looks like it took some time. Pictures of all the babies look great. Hope things are going okay. My boys are doing great. They are still sleeping until about 7:30 and playing the rest of the time. Maybe after the holidays we can bring them by and I can see the rest of the gang. I'll talk to ya soon. Michelle, Tony, Winston, and Dewey
Hey!!! OH my gosh, I was thinking about you guys a while ago but couldn't remember your email to save my life! I'm so glad you found us!  He's GORGEOUS.  As you can see, his puppies are just too cute too ;).  He's so completely rotten & loves my husband to death- in fact, his life is complete if you let him wallow in your lap.  He loves his girlfriend too :).  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I'm adding you to my contacts list so I can keep you updated on him better :). -Kristen
Hey Ree,
Here are some new pictures of Gracie.  She’s growing up so fast!  She loves the other dogs, sleeps with my mom, and follows her everywhere.  She’s a mess, but the cutest one you've ever seen.  Gracie went to the vet last week for a check up and shots.  She weighs almost three pounds!  The vet also started her on her monthly heart worm medication.  I hope Dee Dee is doing good, and you and Mike of course.  April is really busy with cheerleading and dance competitions, but I hope to visit as soon as I can.  -Missy

Hi Ree~ 
I am so sorry it has taken me so long to send pictures. Gracie is doing wonderful. I have sent a couple pictures of her. She is in puppy school right now and is doing well. She definitely rules the house and keeps Dunkin and Hayley on their feet. She is about 7 pounds now. She sleeps with me in my bed and I often wake up to my head hanging off the pillow because she is sprawled out. LOL. I love her so much and everyone that meets her thinks she is wonderful. I would actually like to get her a little bro or sis. I think she gets lonely at my house but she hangs with Dunkin and Hayley during the day at my dad's. Maybe in the summer I'll look into getting another. I checked out the most recent litter you had and they are adorable. Hope the crew is doing well.    Thanks!!   Lisa 

Hello, this is Victoria Hattery (we bought Slinky the smallest mini dachshund). I thought i'd send you some recent pictures of Slink as she is approaching her 1st birthday it looks like this is as big as she is going to get. 
She has grown up to be a very good dog, no more chewing shoes and stealing food, she is really well behaved.  
So here are a few pictures, oh and don't worry we don't dress our dog up that was just a wee present she got. :) 
Hope you are both well.  
Victoria & Russell

Hi Ree!
I hope you're well & the new year finds you happy. I wanted to email you this picture of Olive -- I got a nice new camera & I just love taking her picture! This is an especially cute one. She's just doing what she does best -- being adorable. I love her so much & so does everyone else. My brother in law keeps tying to steal her :). Love, Julia

Molly aka Olive-Boomer & Annie Pup
Mookie and Polo have become cuddle buddies. Thanks again Ree she is wonderful!!  (October 2010)
That is one of my favorite pixs. I told Madison “don’t move”.  I have got to take a picture of this.  Neither one moved.  It looks like they are having a stare down.  Of course I don’t mind at all you using the picture.  I am honored!  Thank you for being the kind of person you are~ Sandra
Happy Halloween from Annie and Roxie!!!!!
Dusty - Jack and Pixie Pup September 2007
Schatzie - Jack and Dee Dee Pup September 2007
Winston & Dewey- Tiny and Annie Pups August 2007
Ginger "G" - Jack and Dee Dee Pup September 2007
Miley - Jack and Pixie Pup July 2008
Dapper Dan - Tiny and Rose Pup March 2007
Bruiser - Tiny and Rose Pup April 2006
Lucy (left)- Annie and Tiny Pup August 2007
 Bailey (right) - Rose and Beau Pup July 2008
Carolina Little Bear - Tiny and Rose Pup April 2006
This is an updated picture of our baby Polo, he is going to be two on July 24th. He was from Beau and Rosie's last litter. He is such an amazing and wonderful dog. Thank you for bringing so much love to our home!  Katrina Carlson
Tootsie - Tiny and Rose Pup March 2007
Gracie - Jack and Pixie Pup July 2008
Slinky - Jack and Pixie Pup July 2008
Gracie - Midnight & Rose Pup
Araya Sunshine - Beau and Summer Pup July 2009
Rusty - Tiny and Annie Pup August 2007
This is Miley - Dachshund #108 a decal by www.crittersonthemove.com.  I am really proud of Sandra and Miley!!!!  Click on her photo to see how beautiful she is.
Sugar and Bruisers litter December 30, 2010-Awesome puppies!!!!
Bev, Tess, and I returned home to Canada on Wednesday this week.  We have to tell you that Tess was wonderful on the long ride home.  We left Myrtle Beach around 7 AM and arrived home close to 11 PM that evening.  All the way home Tess was excited and everytime we stopped at a rest area she went right out with us and did her business like she had been there before.  She is such a great companion for us and now that we are home she has adjusted to our cooler then average tempuratures and the people in our Condo.  Everyone says she is a cutie which of course we already knew.  On the funny side when we hit the border crossing the person we talked to did not even ask about Tess, but we were prepared with all her papers we got from you and Kindcare.  Anyways we return to MB on Nov. 1 and we will be sure to send you pics of Tess from time to time and keep up to date on how she is doing.  Take care and we will see you in Nov.
Bev, Tess and Gary   

Past Pups
Tess - A Retired Happy Adult in Canada
Click on each photo to view more past pups and pups who have lived here!!
Click on the photos below to see Gerheardt in his new home.  He is enjoying life to the fullest and learning his place everyday.  Click on photos!!
Hi Ree,

Just wanted to give you an update and some photos of "Cody", our little "Gerhardt". He's doing just fine, adapting to the new house and schedule. We are pretty diligent about his training, and he's gotten perfectly used to being alone for a few hours a day, and he sleeps right trough the night with nary a complaint. A little whine in the morning says that he's ready to go out, and he's getting pretty good at being predictably on-time with his potty training. Reducing the space in the kitchen which we had allotted to him definitely helped him zero-in on the pee pad much better. He's doing great on that. I'm home all day, so I keep him pretty well attended to, and he has taken short walks with us both, and is getting used to his leash as well. We've signed up for the PetSmart vet-hospital program, and he has an appointment for his next shots in a few weeks. 

On the down-side, if you can even call it that, is his teething. He can be a little ball of fur and sharp teeth at times when he's riled up, but we have a slew of toys for him to take out his frustrations on. Other than that, we're as happy as we can be with him. Thanks for your continued support and for giving us such a great little doog! Here's some pics of the boy in his new surroundings! Feel free to post one or two on your website!

Best wishes,
Karl and Jenn